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Book Scout

“Want to make $100 per hour, work one day a week and be self-employed? You Can! Join the ranks of a Book Scout. We will teach you in less than 30 minutes how to be a successful Book Scout and make $100 per hour.”
Mitch Freeland - President & CEO - Go-Getter Books

How to Succeed as a Book Scout

Anybody can be a Book Scout – it’s Easy, Fun and Profitable.
Do you have what it takes? – it doesn’t take much!

Students, Stay-at-Home Moms, Senior Citizens and for the full-time employee who wants to make easy money on the side – this is the perfect money-making part-time job that anybody can do - NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

GoGetterBooks.com buys books, DVDs and CDs from any and everybody who has items for sale, including, but not limited to, individual dealers, libraries, non-profit organizations, charities and book scouts. With this in mind, it is easy and profitable to be a successful GoGetterBooks.com Book Scout.

You can be a high school student, a retiree, or someone who just wants to make some extra money. To be a successful Book Scout all you need is a smart phone – IPhone or mobile device that runs on Android.

To start, the Scout should download for Free the GoGetterBooks.com mobile application from the app store. Now you can start scanning barcodes on the back of books by using the scanner you just downloaded. For books you will scan the ISBN barcode. For DVDs and CDs you will scan the UPC code. When you scan an item a dollar price will be displayed – this is the price Go-Getter Books will pay you for that item.

Sign Me Up as a Book Scout Now

Where do you get the books, DVDs and CDs to scan?
Start with your own books at home then go to a Library Books Sale or garage sale. You can go to a library book sale in your area and purchase books from $.25 to $3.00 on average. If you scan a book and it says GoGetter will pay you $10 and you only pay $.50 you are now on your way. It is not uncommon to attend a Saturday library book sale for 2 hours and earn $200 for your efforts. That’s $100 per hour – it’s that easy. Once you purchase your books get a free shipping label from the GoGetterBooks.com website and ship your books. Once received, GoGetter will credit your Paypal account.

Does this cost me anything to start?
No. There is no cost to being a Book Scout.

What do I need to start?
All you need are some books, DVDs or CDs to scan or type the ISBN or UPC. You do need a computer, tablet or Smartphone. Any of these three devices will work. If you only have a computer, go to the GoGetter website at www.GoGetterBooks.com and click on the menu item “Sell.” You can also use www.GoGetterBuysBooks.com which is the direct link. Once on the book buy-back page follow the instructions and type in the ISBN or UPC.

If you have a Smartphone (iPhone or Android device) you can download our Free Buy- Back Application from your App Store by typing in: “GoGetterBooks” in the Search box. Once the App is downloaded simply follow the instructions. The App tool comes with a barcode scanner. Simply align your phone over the barcode of the book, DVD or CD and wait for it to scan. It should only take a second or two to scan and give you a buy-back price. Once you have completed all your scanning go to the GoGetterBooks.com website and print a Free mailing label. Follow the instructions on the website and you are finished. Go-Getter Books pays your shipping only if you print the shipping label from the website.

Do you have educational materials that will help me to become a great Book Scout?
Yes. To get materials on being the best Book Scout you can be, please complete the Book Scout Submission Form.

Besides Public Library Books Sales, where else can I get books to scan?
You can get books from anywhere. Here are a few ideas:

  • Family and Friends
  • Garage Sales
  • Swap Meets
  • Used Book Stores
  • College and University Libraries
  • Neighbors

What kind of training do you give?
We will teach you everything you need to know in 30 minutes. From time to time we have webinars and conference calls to update you on new changes in the industry and any new policy changes at GoGetter. Our support lines are always available, so if you have any questions just call. We want to help you become a super successful Book Scout.

Can you teach me how to do this full-time and make a good living doing it?
Yes, we can. We are in the process of completing our Licensing Program that is similar to Franchising. We give you all the tools to become a successful Book Scout and Dealer on a full time bases. Which means, you are making a full-time income. The Licensing Program package includes a 3-Day training program, full documentation binders, a PDA and scanner and includes ongoing support. The Licensing Program is a fee bases program and is for series individuals only. If you would like more information on this Program please contact John Freeland, COO of Go-Getter Books at (661) 388-1900.

For more information and to sign up as a Go-Getter Book Scout complete and submit the form below.

Book Scout Submission Form

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